Professional Balloon Decor, with care for the environment

PEBA Logo - The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance

AJ's are proud members of PEBA - the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. 

PEBA is driving environmentally responsible change and is committed to reducing balloon litter and any potential effects on wildlife by eliminating the deliberate release of balloons. 

AJ's does not endorse balloon releases, and around 80% of our work is air-filled rather than helium. This not only creates long lasting displays but helps to reduce the accidental release of balloons into the atmosphere and makes it easier to dispose of spent balloons into the bin.  

The biodegradability and composting of latex is being studied scientifically worldwide. Studies show that natural latex does breakdown, however we still do not want balloons to be littering the environment or causing harm to animals.  

Harvest of Natural Latex from the Rubber Tree

Did you know?

Latex balloons are not plastic, they are a plant based product made from natural rubber harvested from rubber tree plantations which are a renewable resource.

Leading manufacturers harvest their latex from sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified and Forest Stewardship Council Plantations. 

The Rainforest Alliance are an international, non-profit organisation working to build strong forests, healthy agricultural landscapes, thriving communities and fight climate change.

As latex balloons are made from natural rubber, they do breakdown. However, when balloons become litter the don't degrade sufficiently or quickly enough to prevent possible risk or harm to wildlife.

Banning the deliberate release of balloons and promoting the responsible use and disposal is vital for effective environmentally responsible change.

Interesting Fact! A single Rubber Tree during its' lifetime counteracts the carbon emissions from a car being driven 36,000kms!

Dont let go of your balloons.
Don't release balloons into the atmosphere


As long as we humans are better educated, and change the way we dispose of balloons, there is no reason why they can not continue to be at the heart of our events. 

We follow Safe & Smart balloons practices in all our work, and do not provide helium filled balloons for outdoor use. 

We always advise our clients to follow the 'Don't let go, Pin it & Bin it' message.

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