Care for the Environment


Professional Air and Helium filled Balloon Decor for your events - with CARE for the environment

We promote Safe & Smart Balloon Practices and encourage our clients to do the same. 

Approximately 80% of our work is air-filled, making it easy to safely dispose of spent balloons into the bin and eliminating the risk of balloons escaping into the atmosphere.

We are proud members of PEBA - The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance and follow their ethos:

Balloons bring a great deal of colour, fun and excitement to the world. 

When used responsibly, they have minimal compounding effect on the environment.

The biodegradability and composting of latex is being studied scientifically worldwide. Studies show that natural latex does breakdown, however we still do not want balloons to be littering the environment or causing harm to animals. 

For further information on balloons and the environment, please visit: